This is a skirt or bodywrap from the Naga people’s in Nagaland, in the extreme NE of India. 60
x 29 inches. The textile is handloomed cotton with black, coral red and ivory strips. The weave
has a tight fine weave with a flexible handle. The material is cotton. The textile is made from 4
strips of narrow loom woven cloth sewn together. The skirt is embellished with supplementary
weft designs to create the scattered squares of geometric figures in black and red.  Also weft
designs in a light violet at one end of the skirt. The format of these skirts is fairly rigid, and
this type of supplementary weft design technique I haven’t seen in other textiles other than
these Naga skirts. See the closeup photos of the design squares as well as the design
decorating the end of the skirt, also the wrapped tassels. The skirt is in excellent condition. A
few scattered light stains. Most of these Naga textiles I find are a bit dirty from rough use. This
is an excellent uncommon textile with age from a remote part of the world that will be a great
addition to any collection. SOLD