Banjara Textiles
Antique Banjara Indian Textile Ceremonial Embroidered Cloth
This is an old Banjara Indian textile ceremonial cloth known as dhavalo. Dhavalo are the single most
important type of ceremonial textile made and used by the Banjara. It is traditionally sewn by a bride.
This piece is probably from Madhya Pradesh. Approximately 21 x 21 inches. Square coverlet. A
variety of stitches cover the entire textile to create a kinetic and vibrant design in 4
compartmentalized squares. This piece definitely has good age, and was loved and valued as
evidenced by the patches on the back and the front. This is a very old piece of Banjara work that will
look attractive in your home. SOLD
OAntique Banjara Embroidered Cloth