Banjara Textiles
Old Indian Kutchi Toran Embroidery
This is an unusual and attractive older Kutchi Embroidery that was used as a walling hanging or
"toran," or possibly as a border for a skirt or shawl. A similar textile appear’s in John Gillow’s
“Traditional Indian Textiles,”  (page 78) and he says that it’s a “shawl border, embroidered by a
female relative and presented to a Kutchi woman of the Kanbi farming caste after she has
successfully completed one year of marriage.”

The textiles is 10 inches wide and 70 inches long. The eight different compartment designs are each
beautiful in a wide variety of stitches. Because of its size, it was difficult to photograph the entire
textile, but please look as each detail photo to see each beautiful design. This textile will look great
displayed in your home. Excellent condition. The upper edge of the textile has not been hemmed.
Peacocks, flowers, animals. Swastika, and more. It’s got it all. The right portion of the textile has
several embroidered inscriptions in Gujarati, but I can’t translate them. Put it on your wall and enjoy.