from the beginning of the 20th century (60-110 years old) and is probably a copy of a
Moghul-era wall hanging, rendered in extremely fine chain/tambour stitch. The embroidery is 63
x 38 inches. The silk embroidery is on an off-white cotton muslin background. The back of the
wall-hanging is lined with a silky mashru material. The wall hanging is sort of quilt-like and
probably has several layers of material or cotton in between the front and back of the
wall-hanging so that it feels quilt-like and is about a half-inch thick. The condition of the
embroidery is excellent, though there is a little bit of dirt on the off-white background muslin
cotton, and this is visible in the photos. This embroidery will be the center-piece of any room
where it is displayed. The workmanship and design are first-rate and I'm sure the classic Moghul
India design will hold your interest for years to come. I'm sure that you will be very happy with
this textile.  $3000