Old Kutchi Indian Shawl (Ludi) Textile
This is a large old embroidered woolen shawl from Gujarat region. This type of shawl is known
as “
Ludi.” Approximately 104 x 30 inches. The background cloth is 2 strips of deep reddish
brown handloomed wool cloth (probably camel wool) that have been sewn together lengthwise
and dyed in the bandhani tie-dye techniques to create the yellow and green spots in the design.
The embroidered medallions and end border of the shawl displays embroidery with detached
interlacing and crossed stitches combined with looped chain stitch in yellow and white thread.
The shawl is from the Vaghadia Rabari people east of Bhuj. The shawl is generally in excellent
condition, but not terribly old.

According the book, M
ud, Mirror and Thread, ”Though elements of the  ludi are purely ethnic
Rabari, the ground fabric of the shawl graphically illustrates symbiotic relations that Rabaris
maintain with artists of other communities. The woolen shawls are locally woven by wool weaving
Marwada Meghwals Harijans, then given to Khatri craftspeople for tie-dyeing, and then
embroidered by Rabari artists.” $180