Antique Indian Shawl.
This is an antique embroidered woolen wedding shawl or “Odhni” from the Thar Desert region
reddish maroon handloomed wool cloth (probably camel wool) that have been sewn together
lengthwise. See a similar example in John Gillow’s “Traditional Indian Textiles.” These wool
shawls are more scarce and older than the wedding shawls done on cotton fabric. The shawl is
embroidered mostly in cross stitch and satin stitch in white, yellow, blue and gold wool thread.
The field has nice geometric designs and the distinctive borders of these shawls done in a flat
satin stitch. The shawl is in very good condition. It’s a very attractive piece of Indian Rajasthani
embroidery that will look terrific displayed on your wall, draped across a sofa or worn on a cold
winter’s night.   SOLD