This is a spectacular heavily embroidered dress or choli from the Sindh region, probably made
and used by a bride in her wedding. The choli is fully embroidered on the entire front and
back, making it a very heavy textile with so much stitching. The choli is 37 inches across from
sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 36 inches from top to bottom, and 23 inches across in the center of the
choli. Beautiful fine embroidery work, in a variety of stitches excellently rendered, and mirror
work throughout the front of the choli. I suspect that the embroidery on the front of the choli is
a bit older than the fine zari gold stitch work on the back of the choli. The choli is in excellent
condition. The embroidery is all excellent. It’s quite a statement of textile art of a young
woman's mastery of the needlework arts. I’m trying to offer only the finest examples of
Kutchi/Sind needlework.