This is an antique Indian Banjara ritual pillow textile. This piece is somewhat rare and has good
age. The textile has a salmon colored handloomed cotton background covered with embroidery.
28 inches x 8 inches. The four panels are embroidered with designs of significance, that I’m
somewhat unsure what they represent. I’ve been told that the 4-sided designs with a circle in the
middle represent a garden with the sacred tulsi (basil) plant in the center. Each panel contains
interesting design elements. See the photos. The textile has been layered with several layers of
cloth to give is a cushion-y quilt-like feel. The textile is backed with a red cotton resist-dyed/block
print material. This is a very attractive textile in good condition.  Antique Banjara textiles with this
type of age are not to be found any more. Two nips are missing around the edges (see photos).