Banjara Textiles
Tie and Dye Shawl, Patola Design
Antique Silk Bandhani (tye-dye) Indian Shawl
This is a absolutely fabulous antique silk tye-dye odhni (woman's shawl or headcovering), probably from the Kutch
region of India, but it could be from Rajasthan. 66 x 34 inches. This textile is beautifully dyed on silk with attractive
patterns and wonderful color. Several places are spot-dyed with green. The tie-dye pattern mimics the design used in
many patola ikat textiles. I feel that I can reasonably date this piece to the 19th century.  The borders of the shawl are
made from separate pieces attached. The textile is in very good condition except for a few very tiny holes and a couple
of tiny breaks in the silk. See all of the close up photos. The shawl has been backed with a light cotton material and a
thin green cotton trim has be sewn along the edges.

The shawl was tye-dyed in the bandhani technique with small resist dyed spots by wrapping thread around the tip of a
small nail to form the thousands of tiny circles or spots that form the designs on the shawl. "Bandhani" is the Indian word
from which we derived the English word "Bandana" for tye-dyed cloths. This is a top-shelf piece of Bandhani tye-dye
that will please the new owner for years to come, either displayed or worn. Enjoy.