Banjara Textiles
Antique Tekke Rug  
Finely woven Tekke Wedding Rug.
66 x 45 inches. Gorgeous finely woven rug. Spectacular when viewed from 6 feet away. However,
close inspection reveals scattered moth damage throughout the rug, with 2 or 3 knots eaten here and
there across the rug. The field has very few moth bites. Most of the damage is in the borders. The pile
is full (where not eaten) and the colors are glorious. The knotting is so tiny that I suspect it would be
extremely difficult to replace the moth eaten knots. The rug displays beautifully on the wall. Alternating
blues in the center of the guls. I purchased this rug (already moth damaged) in Damascus about 20
years ago. It's a masterful weaving, but with its issues. Looks great on the floor as well.